A collection of exquisite capri watches - L'ora di Capri


“L’Ora di Capri” is not just a collection of exquisite watches: it also tells the story of a love which gradually intensifies, just like the road on a journey that develops over time, because anyone wearing one of our watches can take a “little bit of Capri” with them wherever they go.

L'Ora di Capri di Edwin Cerio

The name we have given our watches is a reference and homage to probably the most important literary work in the history of our island. “L’Ora di Capri”, written by Edwin Cerio in the 1950s, one of the most eclectic, authoritative and interesting figures of all the famous people who have ever set foot on this beautiful island, including Tiberius, Oscar Wilde, Norma Douglas, the French-Swedish diplomat Count Jacques Fersen, the painter Charlie Coleman, Axel Munthe and a host of others, who like us, fell in love with Capri.

His novel marks the time on our island, the time in Capri that is movement and space, colour and beauty, that time which marks the lives of those who love this island. And shapes their destiny forever.

Our watches have been conceived, designed and created in Capri with the exact same passion.

Cassa orologi L'Ora di Capri

The case

The case of our wristwatches is made entirely of 416 stainless steel. The finishes vary depending on the different models, either polished steel or gold-plated. The gold plating is IPG to guarantee durability and a long-lasting shine. The back of the case is also in 416 stainless steel, either with a polished finish or IPG gold plating, guaranteed to be water resistant up to a depth of 5 m (5 ATM). The logo in the shape of Capri is engraved in the centre. The production/warehouse code is at the bottom along with the semi-circular inscription “L’ora di Capri” - 5 atm water resistant stainless steel case” for models with a leather strap. All the cases measure 38mm and fit perfectly on the centre of the wrist.

The bezel

To decorate the bezel of our watches, all in 416 stainless steel, the designer took inspiration from the sense of timelessness of life on our island. One exclusive detail immediately stands out: the mirror image of the company name has been engraved on the bezel and runs around it both clockwise and counter-clockwise. Because that is how “le ore di Capri” - the time in Capri - is... crystal clear drops of time mirrored in a sea of emotions.

Quadrante orologi L'Ora di Capri

The dial

The dials of our watches are special, one-of-a-kind and fashion-forward - beauty encapsulated. The production technique is different for each one.

For the models, Stella marina, Riccio and Lucertola Azzurra, an off-set printing technique was used for an embossed design and a three-dimensional look for the figure, set on a sparkling background made from glitz powder and original 1.2mm Swarovski stones marking the hours. The dial for the Polpo model is also printed in off-set, but has more crystals for the background. No less than twenty-five 1.2mm Swarovski stones plus another twenty-five 8mm stones.

Both the Isola and Faraglioni models have a lapis blue background to make the hands stand out. The Isola model has minute and hour hands in the shape of the island, divided into two, which reflect the unmistakable colour of the sea around Capri. The silhouette of Capri marks the hours and the one of Anacapri the minutes. So, at least once an hour, the two silhouettes come together to recreate the whole island.

The Faraglioni model, just like the name, has hands inspired by the Faraglioni: the rock jutting out from the land is near the centre of the hour hand and the one in the sea on the opposite end of the minute hand. In this model too, the magic happens once every hour when the two rocky outcrops, the “Faraglioni”, come together and overlap.

All the models of our watches, exclusively conceived and designed on Capri, have a registered patent “L’Ora di Capri”, meticulously prepared by the Studio Cicogna in Milan.

Cinturini orologi L'Ora di Capri

The watch straps

The watch straps, which are flexible and pleasant to the touch, are available in a range of bright colours to add a bold statement to the collection, transforming your watch into a stylish, one-of-a-kind, fashion-forward accessory.

The straps are made either from 416 stainless steel with a polished or IPG gold-plated finish, or from leather (the words “real leather” are stamped on the back). The buckle is either made of stainless steel or gold-plated depending on the model. The brand logo “L’Ora di Capri” with the unmistakable silhouette of this wonderful island can be found on the inside of the strap.