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Collection: Isola Classic

129,00 €


Treat yourself with a touch of Capri.
Collection watches.

A Collection that still refers to the shape of the Island.
In this case the quadrants are more classic, more simple and in some ways more elegant.

For this reason we called it ISOLA CLASSIC, reminding to the "Dolce Vita" of Capri during the 50s and 60s, as for our brand inspired by a book of the 50s.

CaseStainless Steel 304L
Glass materialMineral glass
QuadrantWhite ivory + 12 steel bars + black secondimetro
LancetsStainless Steel 304L
StrapNatural leather Black
BuckleStainless Steel 304L
Case width38 mm
Case lenght44 mm
Case width (glass incl.)9.30 mm
Water resistance5atm
Strap width20 mm
Wrist circumferenceMin. 135 mm / Max. 190 mm
Weight (with Strap)0.12 Kg
MovementMiyota 2025
Type of movementQuartz

"The charm of watches: they make an abstract thing like time concrete and visible , which is not seen and can not be touched, yet there."

Fausto Gianfranceschi